Release Notes | August 28th, 2017

[UPDATE] Unchained Demon NERF and More!

This update (Android and IOS) aimed to balance some cards and fix minor bugs. Access our Forum to engage in discussion and leave your feedback.


Patch Log:

UNCHAINED DEMON – Attack reduced by 14%. Now it’s impossible to play another troop really fast without the mana penalty after playing the Unchained Demon. – Unchained Demon decks are really popular in some trophies’ range. By changing the behavior of its curse and reducing its attack, these decks will be more balanced.

CATAPULT – Attack increased by 25%. – Catapult is one of the least used cards. Opponents will need to deal with it faster because of its increased attack. It should also give rush decks different options.

SHAMAN – Attack increased by 14%. – Shaman is one of the least used legendaries. By increasing its attack, if your opponent can’t find the original one the Castle will suffer more damage.

STANDARD BEARER – Teleport ability activation time decreased to 0. – This change will make it possible to dodge Black Witch’s curse with a Standard Bearer. It will be an alternative to Inferno, too.

RESURRECTION – Revival Health increased by 3% per level. – Revival Health now is the same as Bomb’s damage at 5 levels difference.