Release Notes | October 18th, 2017

[UPDATE] Balancing Patch 3.2.0

Today a new balancing patch is going live!

As you know, the Tournament is coming, and before that we took a good look on some decks and cards to check how Crushers are playing them and which ones are not being well used because they are not strong enough. Jester, for example, is one of the less used epic card nowadays on high level castle ranks, even though he has an awesome mechanic to counter swarms and push back strong units. Also, this small buff makes him a good alternative to use instead of the Gheisa.

Rush Decks are becoming more and more popular with some cool strategies going on, but we think some cards have a good place on these type of decks, such as Genie and Catapult, and will add a good value on the top of the mana curve to improve the deck as a whole. And now, when Genie is 3 levels higher than Archer Queen, he can kill her without dying (!).

Resurrection Deck is the most used in the current version of the game and the nerf on the time to resurrect dead units should be enough to balance the deck, but not make it weak.

Last but not least, now you can easily play Skull Queen in the early stage using a Mana Ritual card or summon the Queen after playing a Skeleton Swarm (without the need to wait an extra turn). We want her to be the mighty Queen for the Skeleton Decks and this change on her mana should make her a centerpiece for these decks.

Check it out the full patch log:

Patch Log version 3.2.0


  • Jester: Health increased by 17%.
  • Catapult: Health increased by 36%.
  • Genie: Attack increased by 7%. Health increased by 8%.
  • Resurrection: Time Dead reduced from 7sec to 6sec.
  • Skull Queen: Mana cost reduced from 7 to 6. Attack reduced by 33%.


  • New animation when deploying cards.
  • Bug Fixes.

As always, leave your comment and share your ideas and feedbacks about the changes!