Release Notes | July 19th, 2018

Patch Notes – July 18th, 2018

Hello, crushers!


In today’s patch we are launching two new great additions to the game:


– New Feature: Gem Capsule
– New Epic Card: Wraith


We will be talking a little bit more about each one down below, so check it out!

New Feature: Gem Capsule

The Gem Capsule will be a new way for players to earn back some of the gems used during a certain period of time.
This is how it is going to work:
– The Gem Capsule gives back part of the gems you use.
– You will have a chance to get a Gem Capsule for every victory chest opened.
– Part of all gems used in the game will be added to your Capsule.
– Once it’s full, you will be able to claim all accumulated gems back for free!
– Careful not to waste your chance! The Gem Capsule will expire if not filled on time.

New Card: Wraith

A dreadful baroness in life, but now a vengeful ghost that receives no damage from magic spells!


Card Status
– Mana Cost: 5
– Attack: 178
– Health: 13
– Speed: 4
– Range: 25
– Damage type: Single target
– Special Effect: Immune to damage from magic spells.


Wraith is an Epic card and will be available starting from Castle 8.


It’s a great card to counter magic damage spells, such as Lightning, Arrows, Inferno, Meteor, Bomb and so on.


However you can still use spells like Rage, Blizzard and Gust of Wind to either help or delay Wraith.


Pretty nice, huh?


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where card sprites were not displayed correctly during some matches.