Release Notes | August 13th, 2018

Patch Notes – August 10th, 2018

Hello, Crushers!


We believe this is a very expected balance update and we are here to tell you all about it.


In this patch we tackled some of the meta’s dominating cards while tweaking some others, always taking in consideration your feedback. Our purpose is to give players different ways to play and make the gameplay as balanced as possible.


And what does that mean? That means that if a card can be used in every deck and is good against every deck it is most likely not fun because there is very little trade-off, everyone will use it and the strategic part is lost. We’re sure some of you felt that way while playing against some cards, right? Yes, we are looking at you Boneyard.


The fun aspect of the game is when you have to choose a card because that card is good in a specific situation or because it counters another card. Choosing a card that is good at everything is not fun at all.


Below, we look at why we did those changes, why we think that they are good for the game.


Dwarf: Health Increased by 18%

Dwarf is the common card with the lowest usage rate (less than 5%) among top players, mainly because currently it’s too weak to do its job as a tank in the early game. We’re buffing its health to make it more useful as a tank.

Archers: Mana cost decreased to 1 mana

Archers are rarely used by top players, not even in ranged decks. We’re decreasing its mana cost to 1 to make it possible to be deployed very fast, making it more relevant as a strategic card in the game.

Golem: Health increased by 20%

Golem is in a very similar situation as the Dwarf with very low usage rates among top players and we’re also buffing its health to make it a more valuable tank.

Dark Angel: Initial health increased by 9%

Dark Angel is a very interesting legendary card with a different mechanic. However, its weakness is dying too fast before being able to defeat enough troops, making it hard to use the card effectively. That’s why we’re buffing its health by 9%.

Angel: Magic heal decreased from 10% to 8%

Decks including Angel to combo with cards such as Hollow Knight and Jester are very common in the game right now. Angel can make it very hard to counter their combos mainly due to its high magic heal rate, thus we are decreasing it by 2 percentage points.


Jester: Health decreased by 15%

Jester is the second most used card among epic cards. We are nerfing its health so it can still be useful against swarms with its splash attack but it will be more vulnerable to other troops.

Reaper: Attack decreased by 15%

We’re nerfing Reaper’s attack to reduce its ability to be a threat to Castles directly, so the opponent has more time to react to it.

Boneyard: Mana cost increased to 5

Boneyard is currently dominating the game and is the epic card with the highest usage rate among top players. We are increasing its cost by 1 mana to slow its deploy which will make it less viable for faster decks.