Community | October 5th, 2017

Deck Tips for Castle 3

Hey there, Crushers!

It is time for some Deck Tips to help you on Castle 3! Now you should have some more cards to play with and you already know the basics of how to play cards like Demon or Mage. Now we want to introduce Standard Bearer mechanic so you can use with wisely to dodge strong units and rush into enemy’s castle with heavy damage from low cost cards.

Disclaimer: It is not guaranteed you can get all the cards, since they drop randomly from chests, and you might want to level up some cards so they can be stronger and resist some spells from the opponent.

If you have any other advice of cards and how to play the deck, feel free to share it in the comments section and we’ll make sure to make the proper adjustments giving the right credits.

For today’s deck, we would like to give a big shout out and a huge thanks to Gnug315He made an awesome post on our Forum about Reaper’s deck (for higher level players) and we based our deck on his idea of how to combo SB + Reaper. Go check it out if you passed Castle 3 already.

Full Cards List:

  • 02 Dwarf
  • 01 Arrow
  • 01 Rage
  • 02 Reaper
  • 02 Standard Bearer
  • 02 Swarm
  • 01 Inferno
  • 02 Demon
  • 01 Orc Warrior

How to play the deck:

Remember what the cards do – Reaper is a really (REALLY) strong and can hit in area, but has almost no health and can be easily killed; the Standard Bearers is great to boost the speed the units in his lane (this effect is stackable) and his skill allows him to teleport other units to his lane (we will get into more details of how you can use it to dodge spells later).

In the early game phase – Remember, you want to gain ground and avoid big fights. This deck was built to quickly rush the lanes and destroy the castle giving no option for your enemy to proper defend himself.

Drop your Dwarfs (or Scouts if you prefer) to gain ground. This is really important since we want to quickly reach the front door of enemy’s castle as soon as possible. They can be used to tank some units too, meaning that the opponent will need to kill these units spending cards and spells – which gives you an opportunity to drop your combo.

As we said, Standard Bearer can teleport allied units to his lane. So let’s say you have a Dwarf and a Swarm in one lane, and your enemy just played a Executioner. You can place the SB in another lane, activating his teleport skill, to escape the Executioner and keep rushing to the castle.

You want to have some skeletons or low cost units in front of your reaper and you reach enemy’s castle. This will shield him and, since it has a huge damage output, you can kill almost any card played and will continue to damage the castle while he kill everything that spawns. If you manage to keep your reaper alive so it can hit the building, within seconds the game will be over. Also, using rage while you reaper approaches the castle is a must! It will make all your units faster and stronger for a brief period of time, but enough to cause a lot of damage or even win a hard game.

One important thing to note: you can win without reaper! If you find an opportunity, rush with your Swarm + Rage and you will be impressed by the amount of damage these little guys can do.

In the late game phase – If you couldn’t end the game until you reach 7 – 8 mana, be prepared to use your Demons to kill big units and Swarms for single targets’. Use your Orc Warrior defensively when the enemy is approaching your castle (never use Reaper and SB to defend, only to rush and attack).

Most of the times the game will be over be the time it gets to this stage. So focus on doing a good early game.

Pro Tip from Gnug’s post:

Don’t be shy to preemptively SB-dodge a likely enemy spawn, eg. at the 5-drop moment where the enemy might Inferno. If you successfully dodge something in this way, you almost guarantee a win. It’s tricky to play around this for the enemy – they want to beat you back asap before you Protect things; they can’t always wait patiently. And besides, you often want to field that SB anyway. So try to time a dodge with it sometimes.

Go try and let us know what you think!