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Deck Tips for Castle 1 & 2

Hello, Crushers!

Today we are starting our new deck guides using some basic cards to help you advance and conquer new castle levels, based on player’s opinion. Just remember that is not guaranteed you can get all the cards and you’ll need to open some chests to have most of them. If you don’t have some cards, try to adapt your deck with similar ones – Example, if you don’t have Dryad, use another card that has a good amount of life or has some defensive skill (e.g. Dwarf).

Here we will explain some basic mechanics and how you should play your cards in order to use its full potential. Keep in mind the decks we are going to discuss here may not be the strongest, but, instead, we are aiming on using cards that most of the players might have for each castle.

Since the progression from castle 1 to 2 is quite quickly, this deck has cards from both castle and should fulfill your needs to gather 800 trophies to advance to castle 3.

If you have any other advice of cards or how to play the deck, feel free to share it in the comments section and we’ll make sure to make the proper adjustments giving the right credits.

No more talking!

Preparation: To build your deck, always remember about the mana cost of each card. If you pick cards with low mana cost, you can have a good early game, but since these cards are mostly weak (low HP), your opponent can easily counter using area spells like Arrow, Bomb and Inferno. And in the late game phase, your units won’t have a big impact if your enemy plays a Black Knight, for example. You should balance between low and high cost cards, and how well they synergize – a tank plus ranged unit is a basic combination you can make to protect your troops and push lanes.

For this first deck, the composition should be:

01 Jester 01 Golem 02 Dryads 01 Pirate 02 Skeletons Swarm 01 Inferno 01 Orc Warrior 02 Demon 01 Mage 01 Executioner 01 Black Knight

How to play the deck:

In the early game phase – You don’t want to play all your cards at once, specially in the same lane. If you do this, your enemy can clean the board with 2 spells and you will be doomed. Cards like the Golem and Dryad are a good start option, since they are cheap can gain ground so you can deploy cards more advanced, also they work as frontline tanks too.

If your enemy is using statues or cheap cards (Archers, Skeletons and Warriors), Jester can be a nice counter, pushing them away and hitting for area damage – be careful of ranged units that can kill him (Pirates and Mages). He is a good defense units to stop units from hitting your castle too.

Inferno should be use to clean lanes full of mobs and skeleton swarms – Mage and Executioner can achieve the same results but they can be killed in the process.

Use your Skeleton Swarm carefully. They can input a lot of damage to the castle if they manage to reach it, but we strongly recommend you to use swarm as a defensive card to kill tank units that don’t have AoE (area) damage (use swarm to kill Orc or Black Knight, but never against Executioner). Also, if you have a strong card (Black Knight) in the lane, maybe Swarm can be a good addition to counter Demon’s spell and save your BK.

In the late game phase – If you had lucky drawing cards, the game could be finish before you have the mana to play your big cards, congrats! If your enemy manage to overcome your first plays, there are somethings you need to keep in mind while entering the 6 mana phase.

Orc Warriors are tanks mostly! They are a bit stronger than Golem, and should be played in the frontlines to take most of the damage while the backline (Mage and Pirates) take care of damaging the units.

Use Demons to counter Black Knights, Executioners or hard to kill cards like the Dryad. His spell is really strong and it is a nice mechanic to easily kill big cards. Save them for these situations and you should be alright. Just remember that if the lane has more than 2 units or more, you can miss the Demon’s spell and hit a skeleton or an archer.

Mage should always be in the backline because of his low HP. They have AoE Damage which is good to clean lanes quickly. Executioner has a similar gameplay, use it when you need to defense your castle from and clean lots of mobs.

Black Knight has a more aggressive gameplay than Executioner. He can tank a lot of damage, but he has a huge attack power, making him great to easily kill units and destroy the enemy castle. Try to place him when you have distance advantage in the lane and want to make a final push. Your opponent will need to spend cards to stop him and, meanwhile, you can start pushing other lanes to make it impossible for him to proper defend himself.

ProTip: Pay attention in the move speed of each card. If you play a Golem and a Pirate in the same place, the Pirate will outpace Golem, becoming the frontline and might get killed. First, place golem and let him move a little, then place the Pirate in the backline so they both can move and keep their positions to engage the battle.

That’s it! Feel free to share your thoughts and make requests as well. Now go crush some castles!

Special thanks to charles and Brenton for helping building this guide.

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