Release Notes | July 19th, 2018

Patch Notes – May 17th, 2018.

Why were balance changes made this time?


Every patch, we try to make the game more balanced and make it possible to play the game in multiple different ways.
What does that mean? That means that if a card can be used in every deck and is good against every deck it is most likely not fun because there is very little trade-off, everyone will use it and the fun strategic part is lost.
The fun is when you have to choose if you want a card that does this or a card that does that, and not when there is a card that is good at everything.
Bellow, we look at why we did those changes, why we think that they are good for the game and address some concerns of the community.


Black Witch – Mana Cost increased from 5 to 6

The Black Witch is the card with the biggest game changing potential and was almost a must have in your deck. It stops being fun when everyone has to have that card in the deck.


Just after the mighty Vampire, the Witch was the second most used card amongst players that have her and had the second highest win rate in the game (also after the Vampire).

Inferno – Mana Cost increased from 5 to 6

Inferno is a great and very powerful card, but it was being used not only in the situations it was designed for but also in the situations where other cards were supposed to be used


  • The best card for killing skeletons swarms is the Bomb because it costs only 2 mana.
  • The best card for killing resurrected troops is the bomb because it costs only 2 mana, kills all resurrected troops and deals damage to the castle.
  • The best card for killing an Archer Queen is the Shock because it costs only 3 mana.
  • Inferno is still probably the best card against Standard bearers or combos of ranged and melee troops that are in the same lane.
  • The best card for killing reapers is shock because it costs only 3 mana and kills reapers with protection.


Since Inferno is probably the most versatile card in the game and was relatively cheap players were using inferno in every deck.


The problem with that is that since every player had an Inferno, the Mage, the Pirate and other cards ended up not being useful. Inferno was used so much that over 60% of players use it in their deck and most of the times twice. It is still very versatile and powerful, but now other cards will be able to see the light of day as well.

Triplets – Mana Cost decreased from 8 to 7

Triplets was one of the least used cards in the game and had one of the lowest win rates. Skull King or Skeleton Legion were almost always a better alternative to it and the card was losing its place. So, we made it cheaper to become more competitive.

Vampire – Health decreased by 17%

The Vampire is supposed to be a great defensive card when fighting big guys. The problem is that she was great at everything else as well – fighting big guys, skeleton swarms and even attacking the enemy’s castle sometimes!


Just like Inferno, we don’t want a card that is good at everything otherwise every deck would need to have this card as well.  Since her life steal is the same, she is still great at defending against big guys. But now she will be easier to kill.

Golem and dwarf – Speed increased by 1

Gust of Wind is a very popular card nowadays. Since it is so popular, tank cards end up being pushed back with the cards they are supposed to protect and can’t shine absorbing all the damage like they should because they are too slow.


By giving some speed to them they might be able to catch up with other troops and take a few hits to protect the troops!

Dryad – Health decreased by 20%

Dryad is supposed to be very good at holding off a lane to help the player progress into the late game. She will still have no trouble against practically any card that costs 4 or less mana but now she won’t be so good against lots of weak enemies.


Even though 20% seems like a lot, the spells that couldn’t kill her before, still cannot do it, even after the nerf. And also, she has the same outcomes when fighting almost every troop individually.

Spiked Statue – The Spiked statue is now at 3% health loss instead of 2%

The Spiked Statue caused a few too many deadlocks. The increase in health loss shouldn’t change its interactions but will help the game get less tedious since it will not lock a lane forever.

Dark Angel – Health increased by 30%

The Dark Angel needs to kill troops to grow and shine. The problem was: when he managed to kill a troop to receive the buff, he had already lost a good amount of health and could be easily killed unless you healed him.


Heal will still be great with him but we wanted it to be more versatile and not too dependent on healing.

Are Reaper Decks, Resurrection Decks and OT decks going to be over powered now?

Let’s look at each deck type individually:


Reaper Decks:

Inferno kills Reaper! Yes, but is it the best card for that? If we are considering spells it is probably ranked fourth in reaper killing potential.


  • Shock does a much better job than inferno since it not only kills the reaper it also takes away the protection that usually comes with the reaper.
  • Reapers are usually grouped with skeletons. The Bomb does the same job as the Inferno against skeletons and Reapers but for a lot less mana and gives less time for reaper players to put that protection on the reaper.
  • Arrows are also better than Inferno since they cost less mana and you don’t risk getting dodged by a Standard Bearer.
The Spiked Statue has had a life loss increase. This helps preventing deadlocks and boring games but when fighting against a reaper it doesn’t really change anything. When a Reaper sees a Spiked Statue in front of him he still gets really scared!
So, it is true that most cards usually used in the reaper decks weren’t nerfed, but since Inferno was, the cards that are more efficient against reaper decks will be used more often (Shock, Bombs and Arrows). This means that most likely the reaper decks will be less viable in the new meta.

 Resurrection Decks:

Decks that use Resurrection + swarms + a lot of ranged cards have always been popular.


Usually, Resurrection decks attack on three lanes and are famous for using an Archer Queen. The Inferno is indeed a really good card against resurrection decks but for six mana it still kills an Archer Queen (that costs 8 mana) and other troops that might be in the lane. So in that scenario you still win the trade in manas and in amount of cards.


With the Inferno being nerfed more Arrows, Bombs and Shocks will be used. Resurrection decks usually:


  • Attack on all three lanes (Arrow counters);
  • Ressurect units (Bomb counters) and;
  • Use Archer Queen (Shock counters)
So even though Inferno is good against resurrection decks that doesn’t mean this is a buff for them.


Overtime Decks:

Overtime decks usually use Inferno, Black Witch, Vampire and Spiked Statue that have all been nerfed. Since none of the cards they usually use has been buffed we don’t really see why they might get stronger.


Castle Crush Dev Team