Release Notes | July 19th, 2018

Patch Notes – July 11st, 2018

Every patch, we try to make the game more balanced and make it possible to play the game in multiple different ways.


What does that mean? That means that if a card can be used in every deck and is good against every deck it is most likely not fun because there is very little trade-off, everyone will use it and the fun strategic part is lost.


The fun is when you have to choose if you want a card that does this or a card that does that, and not when there is a card that is good at everything.


Below, we look at why we did those changes, why we think that they are good for the game and address some concerns of the community.

Vampire: Health loss increased from 10% to 12%

Vampire is still one of the legendary cards with the highest win rates and the most used card amongst the top players (84% of top players use it in their deck).
Most of the Vampire’s power comes from its combo with Angel. Since Angel’s heal is equal to the Vampire’s health loss, the Vampire could live forever, making it too powerful. To make this combo stoppable, we are increasing its health loss percentage by 2.

Hollow knight: Attack Decreased by 11%

Just after the Vampire, the Hollow Knight was the second card with the highest use rate amongst top players and it is being used by 82% of the players.
For comparison, the third most used legendary card has around 50% use rate!

Castle Crush Dev Team