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Duel players from all around the world in the best real time game! Collect and upgrade 40+ troops and spells: from the terrible Wizard to the tremendous Golem!

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Castle Crush is a Player vs Player, real-time strategy card game for iOS and Android devices. Destroy opponent’s castles and collect new powerful troops to improve your deck!

New players will have a Battle Deck of 7 cards. In the 7-sized deck, cards cannot be doubled. After winning 200 trophies, the full deck size (14 cards) is unlocked. In this deck, each card can be used twice. Legendary cards are the only exception and can only be used once.

Usually, a great deck is a balanced one, with low mana cost cards and high mana cost cards. Combining cards that are essentially great together is also really important. Try to find the strategy that fits you the best.

Legendary cards are the most special cards. They are incredibly rare to find, but they can be earned in any chest. Magical Chests and Mythical Chests have a higher chance of revealing a Legendary card. As a rule and exception to other cards, a Legendary card can only be used once in the Battle Deck.

The amount of trophies you win or lose depends on how many trophies your opponent has. Winning against an opponent that has the same amount of trophies you have will give you 30 trophies. If the opponent has more trophies than you, you will earn more than 30; if he/ she has less trophies than you, you will earn less than 30.


Similarly, if you lose against someone with more trophies than you, you will lose less than 30 trophies. If you lose against a player with fewer trophies, you will lose more than 30 trophies.

To transfer your progress, you must first login through Facebook on the original device with the progress. Then, on the new device, finish the tutorial, tap on Settings, and tap on “Connect” right next to the Facebook icon.

Yes, you can recover your progress even after reinstalling. When you redownload the game, it will ask you if you want to recover the previous progress. Simply tap “Yes” and your old account will be reloaded!

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